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Burton on the Wolds, Cotes & Prestwold Parish Council

Serving the people of Burton on the Wolds, Cotes & Prestwold

Clerk: Stephanie Massey
7 St Andrews Close, Burton on
the Wolds, Loughborough, Leics
LE12 5TJ

Tel: 01509 889770

We want to make improvements to the children's play provision and need advice from parents of school age children. Please contact Cath 07887 996293 if you can help or have ideas about what is needed.

Towles Field Playing Field and Play Area

The playing field, with it's sports pavilion, tennis courts and children's play area is located at Towles Fields in Burton on the Wolds.

This amenity, known officially as Burton on the Wolds Recreation Ground, is a charity, no 521399 and a Queen Elizabeth 2nd Field. The area is managed by the trustees known as the Playing Field Association (PFA). The Parish Council organise the routine maintenance for the field. If you have any concerns or comments regarding the grounds or the facilities please contact the Clerk or the Chair of Trustees, number below.

At the present time the field is used by two local football clubs, a cricket club and the Burton Tennis Club. The pavilion is available for hire for meetings, when it is not being used by the clubs.

For further information or to become involved in the Playing Field Association please contact Cath Thomson on 07887 996293 or email burtonpfa@gmail.com

Agenda for next meeting of the Trustees, Monday 13th November in the pavilion at 7.30.
Everyone welcome


Committee meeting to be held on Monday 13th November 2017, at 7.30 pm in the pavilion.


1. Apologies,

If members of the public are present they have the opportunity to ask questions at this point in the meeting

2. Minutes of the last meeting on 4th September 2017

3. Matters arising from the minutes

a) Garage roof now complete, items that are required by the clubs can be moved back and kit no longer used disposed of.

b) Defibrillator. CT has written to MF to once more ask him to remove it.

c) Changing room benches. CT

d) Perimeter path project CT

e) Summer fete – brief up-date from CT, separate fete meeting to be scheduled

f) PFA / PC agreement, CT

4. Field & Pavilion updates

a) vertidraining

b) tree work and hedges

c) compost bins

d) sign for adult fitness equipment

e) pavilion maintenance and cleaning

5. Children's play area

a) report from PH

b) latest thoughts about swings replacement

6. Clubs

a) up-date, if they wish

b) Cricket Club contract, CT to arrange meeting to sort this out

7. Rent review, increases necessary for season 18 /19 as still not covering expenses and anticipated expenses.

8. Financial update

a) Budget 2018/19, approve application to PC for grant. CT

b) Reserve set aside for playground improvements

9. Management Plan 2018

a) Update wish list of projects.

b) Agree essential tasks to be carried out, based on items from safety report minuted last meeting

10. Any other business

11. Dates of next meetings, Mon 8th Jan (need dates for March & AGM in May)

Minutes of meetings

Burton on the Wolds Tennis Club

Barrow and Burton Cricket Club

Burton on the Wolds Football Club

Emmanuel Football Club

Pavilion Hire


  • Gallery

    Photographs of the Playing Field.

History of the Playing Field

Minutes Archive

Dedication of the Memorial Stone 21st June 2015. The stone was a joint project between the Burton Primary School and Loughborough Beacon Rotary Club.