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Posted: Tue, 06 Mar 2018 09:54 by Stephanie Massey

Plantation Newsletter

5th March 2018

Well that was an interesting month for weather!

Sadly we had to cancel yesterday's volunteer session because of the weather and site conditions. It's positively spring-like out there today but that's the way it goes this time of year I suppose.

We did, however, have a useful mid-week session on 22nd February, when we managed to get a few of the outstanding jobs completed.

There were piles chippings available and some were spread on the Prestwold side paths. However, most were from the hedge work on the playing field and contained a lot of thorns which were thought to be a potential risk for dogs' feet if they were spread on the paths.

We decided that a good use for them was to spread them over the lamia with the aim that they would at least suppress the growth. So little else was growing within the lamia patch that damage to other flora by the chippings would be much less than the damage of the lamia itself. It will be interesting to see if /how it works as we used them in 3 areas, one of which had been cleared this season, one of which was re-growing after being cleared last season and one which was untouched previously. There is a patch near the Springfield entrance where a pile of chippings was left on top of lamia some time ago and it doesn't seem to be re-growing so we are hopeful.

We transplanted the young tree whips which have been under the trees by the pavilion for some time. These are now planted in the hedgerows where the chestnut paling is already in place and should hopefully thicken up those hedges. Also, three young trees from the Three Acre batch had been planted by mistake in the designated glade area near the Eaton oak, so they have now been moved to the edge of the area.

With more work done on clearing the snowberry at the Charnwood end it was a useful session.

Next one Thursday 15th March. Hope to see you there.

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