Burton on the Wolds Tennis Club

There are two tennis courts in Burton on the Wolds at the Playing Field owned by the charity Burton on the Wolds Recreation Ground. They are managed by the Tennis Club and the Playing Field Association. The courts are for both club and public use.

Due to the restrictions necessary during the Covid pandemic all play on the courts must be through the Tennis Club Membership. There is a nominal fee payable to the Club which will provide the opportunity for households to play tennis

As a member you will be given direction on use of the courts and the key code to enter the courts. Court time cannot be booked and play is on a first come basis.

Use of the tennis courts during the Covid pandemic

Membership 2020

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the committee has agreed the following:

Membership fees for this season will be a flat rate of £15.00 per household. There will be no separate individual or family membership rate.

The committee has decided this fee is in the best interest of current/ongoing members and attracting new members to the Tennis Club. However, please note that in the event that the court has to close again during the remainder of the season, there will not be a refund policy.

Pay and Play 2020

After careful thought, the Committee and the PFA have decided that Pay and Play tennis is not recommended as we are not able to provide access to a key whilst maintaining Social Distancing requirements and so the safety of the key-holders.

We are making the Pay-and-Play fee £15.00 in the hope that anyone wishing to play will join the club as a household.

Membership forms can be obtained by emailing Membership@BurtonTennis.uk

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