Reporting a problem

Different areas are looked after by different authorities:

Leicestershire County Council:
The County Council look after items including roads, pavements, street lighting, rights of way, overgrown hedges, obscured street signs etc.
To report a problem to the County Council, please email

Charnwood Borough Council:
To report a problem with items looked after by the Borough Council, such as uncollected rubbish, animal welfare, dog fouling, etc. please follow the link below to Charnwood Borough Council's reporting form.
Report a problem

Burton on the Wolds, Cotes and Prestwold Parish Council:
We are responsible for the playground at Hubbard Road, the play area at Towles Fields (in conjunction with the PFA), we cut the verges in Burton on the Wolds on behalf of the County Council, and own items around the parish, such as benches, planters and some bus shelters. To report a problem to the Parish Council, please complete the form below and we will endeavour to resolve it as soon as possible.

For a full list of services with links to the relevant authority, click here.

If you are not sure who to contact, you can notify the Parish Council, by completing the form below, and we will ensure that it reaches the right place!

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Please complete this form to report a matter in our area that requires attention.