Burton on the Wolds Heritage

Cruck Cottage, Loughborough Road

The Heritage Warden for the Parish is Cath Thomson. Cath is interested to talk to you about the history of the parish and its ecology. To get in touch with Cath, please contact the clerk to the council or email burtonpfa@gmail.com


Burton on the Wolds Parish Plan and Village Design Statement

  • Parish Plan document (PDF, 3.3 Mb)

    In 2003, the village answered a questionnaire on what they liked/disliked about the village and what they wanted for the future of the village.
    The results of the questionnaire were published in July 2004.

  • 2004 Village Design Statement (PDF, 3.4 Mb)

    Follow this link for the Village Design Statement which was adopted as a supplementary planning document in January 2006.

Burton Fishpond Plantation

A view inside Burton Plantation

One of the suggestions arising from the Parish Plan was to have a woodland in Burton open for public use. In 2003, a 'Woodland for Burton' committee was set up, it's members being the Parish Heritage Wardens Paul and Linda Sutton together with Phil and Diane Simmons, Sue Warren and Barbara Stead. It's initial aims were to identify an area, either of existing woodland or other land to be planted up as a woodland.
Amazingly, an existing small woodland, privately owned in the village, came on the market in April 2004. With great haste the Heritage Wardens alerted the Parish Council.
For further details click here to go to the Plantation page of our website.

Weather or not.....

A Burton sunset, November 2005

From 2000-2005, the Heritage Wardens kept a record of the temperatures and rainfall in Burton on the Wolds.

Below are two graphs showing the average monthly rainfall and the average maximum and minimum temperatures in a back garden in Burton on the Wolds.

Burton on the Wolds rainfall, 2000-2005

Burton on the Wolds temperatures, 1999-2005